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Our Story

Some Like it Hot Yoga is locally owned and operated by Darlene Kiehl, teacher and dog-lover. After 2 long years of searching for the perfect location, she found Pacheco Plaza in Novato where SLIHY continues to

share all the health benefits & the gift of yoga with our community.


Our practice allows a complete mind and body escape. We will help you realize the powerful wellness benefits of yoga including a stronger, toned and more flexible body and an improved state of mind.  We encourage self-acceptance, awareness and relaxation.

Darlene Kiehl

Darlene Kiehl moved to Novato in 2010 after living 13+ years in San Francisco. Darlene is a Bay Area native and has always chosen California as her home, living in both Southern and Northern California. She is raising her son, Roarke & two dogs Duke & Leo and Felix, the cat. An active member of the Novato community and a member of Marin Country Club. Both Darlene and Roarke love to play golf and tennis. She cherishes hiking Marin’s trails and is obsessed about her BikYasa Hot Yoga & Inferno Hot Pilates practice. Darlene was introduced to a unique style of hot yoga in 2009 in Scottsdale, AZ and quickly became addicted to intensity that the heat brought to the practice. 

What's up with the dogs?

When Darlene opened her studio, you would rarely see her without her beloved Bulldogs following close behind.  Rarely apart, were her bully’s Bogey and Grady.


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Meet Darlene!

Marin's Best Hot Yoga Studio

Some Like it Hot Yoga & Boutique is unique in that it is hot yoga – the room is intentionally heated and humidified to warm muscles and allow students to work deeper and safer.  This style of yoga & Pilates not only energizes and detoxifies the body and mind, but every class is designed for all levels, beginner through advanced. It’s a mixture of traditional static poses and Vinyasa flow, conducted to modern day top hit music. These everyday poses are body bending, mind centering and heart expanding.  Each session aims to strengthen the core, increase flexibility and restore balance—all while you sweat out toxins, increase your blood flow and flush fat. There is no other hot yoga class like this in Northern California.

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