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Teacher Training

Are you ready to take the next step with Kristen & Darlene?

This beautiful hot yoga studio is looking for quality teachers. And we want to help you with your journey to becoming the teacher you’ve trained for.  We are now offering three amazing classes and need more teachers in all three styles.

* Bikyasa

* Hot Vinyasa Power

* Inferno Hot Pilates

We are looking for stellar souls to join our incredible family of top notch teachers. We want you if you have any of the following:

    • 200-hour yoga certification or similar,

    • Inferno Hot Pilates training,

    • Experience as a dance or fitness instructor

    • A longtime devoted student of this studio

If you have any questions, call 415-309-2603 or Darlene at 415.234.6727 or track us down at the studio. We’d be happy to answer your question about this upcoming training which is just a few weeks away. Visit to learn more about us.


Kristen & Darlene


200 Hour

Yoga Alliance Teacher Training

200 Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training

More than just a practice, Yoga is a lifestyle.  Learn the fascinating story behind this 6000 year old discipline of yoga and discover how to incorporate this powerful knowledge into every aspect of your life.

Deepen your commitment to the journey of transformation, self-discovery, and awareness.  Whether you intend to share your practice as a teacher or personally want to expand your understanding of the ancient tradition of yoga, our program explores the life-changing wisdom and the meaning of yoga as a life path and heart practice.

Take the first step on a lifelong path of personal and spiritual growth.

Whether you are interested in deepening your own practice or you feel the call to teach, our Teacher Training Program is committed to the personal success of each participant.As a group you are about to begin an adventure in the realm of teaching and as an individual this will hopefully be the first step on a lifelong path of personal and spiritual growth.

This course will be fun, it will be challenging and whatever happens be rest assured that everything you experience in your training will help you enhance your life. Remember when you take this step to become a teacher you will realize the value of being a student!!


    • Basic history, philosophy & evolution of yoga

    • Effective public speaking

    • Moving with confidence

    • Speaking with intention and clarity

    • Touching with words and integrity

    • Pranayama & the use of breath as a transformative tool

    • Yogic Diet

    • Bandhas (energy locks) & inward focus

    • Art of meditation – developing deeper levels of awareness asana

    • Gain knowledge of basic & advanced asanas (postures) plus Sanskrit names of postures

    • Basic yogic anatomy & physiology

    • Alignment & how to avoid injuries

    • Verbal & physical adjustments

    • How to read bodies – physically & energetically The Art of Teaching

    • Art & science of sequencing to create a fluid & balanced class

    • Use of music to enhance your class

    • Ability to develop & communicate a themed class that teaches & inspires how to read bodies – physically & energetically

    • The business of Yoga


Led by master yoga teacher Gabriel Azoulay / H3 Yoga in collaboration with Some Like it Hot Yoga.

By the end of this training you will be able to teach: Hot Yoga class, Flow Yoga Class  and the magical Practice of Yin Yoga.

Join us for an Amazing journey!!!

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