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Some Like it Hot Yoga & Boutique is locally owned & operated. We are proud and honored to be sharing all the health benefits & the gift of yoga with our community. Come try our amazing classes, in a spa-like atmosphere and you’ll be hooked! Darlene was introduced to Hot Yoga in 2009 in Scottsdale, AZ and quickly became addicted to this style of workout.


She would travel long distances to find her yoga “fix”, but found that no hot yoga studios in Marin County met her needs. That’s when her idea to open a yoga studio in her community became her passion. After 2 long years of searching for the perfect location, Pacheco Plaza owners agreed to have a yoga studio in their shopping center & welcomed Some Like it Hot Yoga & Boutique as a new tenant.

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(RYT 500 / E-RYT 200)

Kristen has embodied movement her entire life. Exploring and training in many forms of dance and yoga has given her a special combination of skills.  Her classes flow fluidly, focusing on alignment, working the body in a balanced way, and linking poses gracefully and intelligently.   

Kristen believes the ancient yoga texts teach important life skills that can benefit everyone. Because of this, she leads a free Yoga Sutra Study Group that studies the deeper meaning of yoga. She shares these powerful teachings in her classes as well, making her classes inspiring both physically and spiritually. Her classes build strength, balance, and flexibility in the body, and a deeper sense of calm, peace, and stability in the mind and heart. 

Kristen loves to bring all aspects of yoga to teens. She has experience teaching at high schools and teaching private lessons to teens to help with anxiety related issues. 

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Monica Graham brings over 25 years of fitness experience ranging from aerobics, body building, Zumba, Les Mills, Instructor Training and as of late, her very own branded yoga workout, YogaHIIT.  She started her yoga journey just 7 short years ago after suffering a back injury.  After attending her first yoga class, she never thought that yoga would become her passion.  She now lives, breathe and trains yoga daily with clients all over the world.  In addition to her love for yoga, she loves music and many students come to her class just to check out her playlist.  Whether it is her soothing voice or jazzy music selections, you can always count on an awesome class with her.  

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Katie Egan first began her yoga journey in 2000 in San Francisco with Mary Jarvis, when she discovered yoga as a way to combine her love of physical and mental challenges with her growing study of mindfulness and the importance of combining one's' mind, body and spirit.  Over the years, her practice has evolved and broadened to incorporate many different branches of yoga and she cherishes her lifetime membership in the yoga community. 


Since coming to Some Like it Hot Yoga & Boutique, Katie has felt her practice and study of the art expand in rapid and positive ways; nothing makes her happier than sharing her practice and love of yoga with others and helping both new and seasoned yogis improve themselves and their lives through their shared love of the art.

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Elizabeth has been a fitness instructor for most of her adult life, most recently teaching Zumba with a passion for dance and music. Her first introduction to yoga was over 10 years ago taking Bikram and power yoga classes. 


She became addicted to BikYasa Hot Yoga when she started practicing at Some Like It Hot Yoga a few years ago and is thrilled to be leading classes with such a supportive yoga community.   Students taking Elizabeth class can expect a fun light hearted class with a beachy Reggae vibe.  Her warm comforting voice immediately relaxes your mind, as she confidently guides you through the poses.

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Instructor RYT 200 / IHP Cert

Jonni Rae began her Yoga journey in her early 20s as a student. Growing up in Petaluma and living in Marin, East Bay and San Francisco, Jonni was able to learn and practice with some of the greatest teachers in the Bay Area. It was the love and dedication she felt from her teachers, that she decided to dive deeper into her practice with a 200-hour teacher training course through Some Like It Hot Yoga in January 2018.

After completing this course, Jonni Rae was hesitant to begin teaching. But with prayer, moving meditation and encouragement from her family, Jonni Rae began her teaching journey in April 2018. And she is so glad that she did. Teaching yoga brings me great joy, a sense of accomplishment and my love for the practice grows every time I step on the mat. But really, it’s the students that I show up for. Giving them this practice is such a great gift to be able to share. 

In 2019, Jonni Rae completed Inferno Hot Pilates Training and she truly found her passion for both teaching and as a student.  As a student myself, I know thru experience the power this practice has to change your life, both physically and mentally, so being able to give this to my students, its truly an honor.

Jonni Rae balances her time in the studio, with running a family business, loving on her Husband and three kids, encouraging friends and family to become better versions of themselves and living a faith based life. Students attending Jonni Raes class can expect a challenging, energized, fun filled class with clear instruction for both the beginner and experienced students.



Instructor / RYT 500

Gabriel Azoulay is a world-renowned yoga and Thai massage instructor, who developed, designed and led the Yoga Teacher Training Program for variety of well-known Yoga brands around the globe, including the Institute for Yoga out of Atlanta and Absolute Yoga in Thailand.

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As a professional dancer, yoga and Pilates have been a part of Jamie’s personal health and wellness routine for over 20 years. She discovered hot yoga in 2006 at a small studio in Hawaii, immediately felt the healing benefits of practicing in infrared heat and has been hooked ever since! She started teaching yoga in Novato after completing the 200-HR Yoga Alliance /BikYasa teacher training in 2016 and recently furthered her teacher training in Nepal with World Yoga Alliance. Jamie is deeply passionate about guiding students through proper alignment with awareness of breath while moving with intention and grace. Her classes inspire students to cultivate patience, compassion, and gratitude – essential qualities to be taken off the mat and applied to everyday life. Ultimately, Jamie hopes yoga helps others to discover a deeper awareness and understanding of the interconnectedness of their own physical-mental-emotional-spiritual well-being.

Besides yoga, Jamie has an extensive teaching background in many different movement styles such as aerial dance and capoeira (Brazilian martial arts/dance). She holds a bachelor’s degree in Individualized Studies (pre-med/life sciences focus) and a master’s degree in Ecological Anthropology. She has over 10 years of experience teaching biological and cultural anthropology at the college level and has spent nearly two decades dedicated to the field of environmental education. Jamie is currently the Youth Initiative Manager at LandPaths. In her spare time, she performs with dance companies and artists in the Bay Area and Hawaii.

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Beauchamp Keeve started yoga in 2013 at Some Like It Hot Yoga while in high school to relieve intense back pain. After finding success in pain relief, Beau has gone on to fully embrace yoga as part of his life.  He continued his practice during his participation in both high-level high school and collegiate athletics. Throughout the years, his appreciation of the added benefits has grown exponentially.  


Beau’s enthusiastic and energetic practice of yoga is shared with anyone in class with him, and his appreciation of the spiritual benefits of the art as much as the physical, makes Beau’s yoga a well-rounded and dynamic practice.  Beau takes special care to make his practice both accessible to any beginner but equally engaging for the more experienced practitioners. 

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This past year has been a journey of personal growth for me. I started taking my physical and spiritual health more seriously. I fell in love with Inferno Hot Pilates right away. This past March I wrote in my journal that I would attend training and teach my first class by 12/19. With the help of my supportive family, friends and inspirational instructors at Some Like it Hot I have achieved this goal!

I began teaching almost 20 years ago. Being an educator has been a passion of mine. I can honestly say I enjoy going to work every day as Special Education teacher at San Jose Middle School. While I’m not teaching, I stay extremely busy with my family, sports, volunteer work and life. Staying healthy, exercising and reaching my goal of becoming an IHP instructor was been a positive lesson for my children. They see the joy teaching brings to me. I’m excited to give that gift to my students both in the classroom and the studio!

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Ginny’s passion for yoga began two decades ago, when she was introduced to Bikram Yoga.   She loved the way she felt afterward each class; mind, body & spirit.  Over time she expanded her practice and has been lucky enough to experience Hatha Yoga, Power Yoga, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa, etc.   In 2017, Ginny and fellow yogi husband Brett walked into Some Like It Hot Yoga and their lives have been forever changed.  They both fell in love with BikYasa Hot Yoga. Practicing multiple times, a week, they made the practice one of their favorite times of the day. 

For many years she dreamed of being a yoga teacher.   She loved to practice, however worried that teaching might take away the joy of practicing.   With the amazing teachers at Some Like It Hot, she knew that if she was ever going to teach, this was the place that she wanted to do it.   Ginny joined teacher training in 2018 and loved it.  Yet, nerves got in the way and she wasn’t sure that she could teach it.  With continued encouragement from her fellow teachers, her husband and her students, she practiced her dialogue, pushed through the nerves and teaches like she was born to do it.  

Ginny loves dogs.  So much so, that she started a dog walking and pet sitting business over 16 years ago.   In addition to spending time with other people’s dogs and yoga, she enjoys life at home with her hubby and their two dogs Buddy and Ben.

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Instructor RYT 200 / IHP Cert

Alexandra grew up in the Bay Area as an avid runner, soccer player, hiker, and overall outdoor and fitness enthusiast. This passion, accompanied by her love of people and motivating them to be their best selves, provided a natural next step for her to take on an active role in the health and fitness industry.


She discovered Inferno Hot Pilates (IHP) in 2017 and fell in love. She began teaching in 2018.She loves how challenging these high intensity, low impact workouts can be and takes pride in curating kick ass classes with awesome playlists